Patricia Nell Warren, whose landmark novel, The Front Runner, is perhaps the best-selling gay novel in American history, in association with her publishing company, Wildcat Press, intends to produce a national writing workshop designed to encourage and inform new young writers who may have alternative lifestyles and experiences to draw from.

Warren and her publishing company intend to produce the one-day workshops nationwide without charge to its young participants through the support of both corporate and private contributions as well as community sponsorships in each of the major cities selected for this unique program.

"Youth Writes! is my own way of offering a much-needed helping hand to the countless young writers across the country who are unable to freely express their writing in mainstream programs or need publishing advice," Warren explains about her proposed workshops. "There are too few resources available to this future generation of writers, and even fewer individuals willing to give these talented kids the crucial tools and guidance they need to pursue their writing ambitions."

Warren, who has written eight novels, four books of poetry and hundreds of editorials over forty years, has attracted an estimated twenty million readers worldwide with her diverse literary subjects, which range from gay life to Native American spirituality. Her more recent novels, Billy's Boy and The Wild Man, explore the coming of age for gay youth in two very different cultures, and both have won critical acclaim for their remarkable authenticity and insight.

However, it is The Front Runner that has made literary history for Warren and forever sealed her place as an icon in gay literature. Heralded by the New York Times as "the most moving, monumental love story ever written about gay life," Warren���s landmark saga about the relationship between a ex-Marine track coach and his Olympic-bound athlete, has sold an estimated ten million copies in twenty editions since it was first published.

Patricia Nell Warren is no newcomer to motivating our young people. Her most popular novel, The Front Runner has, over three decades, inspired countless thousands of gay people to come out of the closet. Additionally, Patricia has always taken a special interest in gay and lesbian youth, mentoring in alternative education programs and serving on the Gay and Lesbian Education Commission of the Los Angeles Unified School District.


"Youth Writes! is an excellent opportunity for community and national sponsors to make a small but significant investment in the future of our young people who will write the future books, poetry, and editorial about our people and our history," Warren emphasizes. "Over the years, I've seen first hand how much it means to these kids, many who have been abandoned by their families, to know somebody cares about them and their talents, and is willing to help them succeed."

Community Sponsors could potentially provide local financial or promotional assistance, and/or event materials such as venue, refreshments, writing materials, meals, transportation and accommodations for the author while she is conducting the workshop in their city.

Corporate Sponsors could potentially provide local and national financial or promotional assistance, airfare travel, accommodations, and/or other related expenses necessary to send the author to the scheduled workshop in selected cities across the United States.


Interested participants and potential sponsors may learn more about this proposed free literary workshop program by contacting Wildcat Press at (818) 246-2766 or by going to www.wildcatintl.com. The website www.youthwrites.com is currently under development.