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Personal Statement

Hello everyone...

I created this personal page because one of my passions is talking to other people. That's how I create stories and characters. If you like the feel of reality in my novels, it's because I've learned to be a good listener. But it's also how I find out what's going on with today's fast moving current events.

Today, I feel a new urgency about communicating with others. The United States is in deep trouble. We see a steady erosion of human rights, and a steady encroachment of big government and big censorship as defined by religious right-wingers. Many of these negative changes have happened since 9/11, with the excuse that censorship and limits on rights are needed to fight terrorism. Conservatives are screaming that liberal social programs have wrecked the country — yet conservative plans for Social Security-privatizing, immigrant-bashing and crime-busting promise to skyrocket spending further. Check out my editorial "Where Do We Go From Here?"

Worse yet, the jobs for American youth are simply not out there — they are being outsourced to young people in other countries. This keeps many young people from low-income families from getting onto a good career track, or even drives them into crime. Gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered youth are facing some hair-raising economic challenges — especially those newly-out young people whose parents refuse to go on paying for their education.

I'm writing new novels about this hair-raising new America, and allying with other Americans — especially young people — who feel as I do. My newest bestselling novel, Billy's Boy reflects what I have been learning and feeling and experiencing with young people I meet.

For instance, I served for two years on the Gay & Lesbian Education Commission in the vast, problem-ridden Los Angeles Unified School District, plus a year on LAUSD's Human Relations Education Commission. I serve on the advisory board of Scouting For All, as well as the board for the Gay & Lesbian Athletic Foundation, which has a big focus on GLBT rights in school sports. I also did six months of volunteer teaching in L.A.'s "gay high school," EAGLES Center.

Over the years, I've gotten thousands of letters via snail mail. Now you can e-mail me. Write to Tell me about your life, your views. Tell me how you see America, the world, people of all colors... gay and straight, women and men, old and young. I would especially like to hear from you if you are under 21.

Want to know more about my life? Check out my biography.

Want to know my views? You can read some of my editorials. Religious righters fumed when my "Unconcerned Women of America" ran in the Des Moines Register. My "Future Shock" in The Advocate shook up the whole gay community. My "Fourteen Dollars" in A & U Magazine parked a protesters' rights movement in California. In A & U I've also done investigative editorializing on corruption and conflict of interest in the AIDS industry.

I hope to hear from you.